Plumbing Tips for the Cold Weather

Winter Plumbing Maintenance - Protecting Pipes from Cold Weather Damage
Frozen Branches and Chilly Nights: Protect Your Plumbing in Cold Weather with Aaron Services’ Expert Tips.

Bracing for the chill? When cold weather hits, your plumbing system faces unique challenges. At Aaron Service: Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, we understand the importance of preparing your plumbing for cold weather conditions. In this guide, we’ll share essential tips to protect your plumbing during the winter months, ensuring everything runs smoothly despite the freezing temperatures.

Keep Those Drains Clear

During the wintertime, people tend to not only cook more than during the warm months, but they also tend to cook more fatty foods. Fatty foods equal more fats down the drain. The fat gets solidified in the cold weather and your drain is more likely to get clogged. In general, avoid putting grease, oil or other hard-to-dissolve foods in the drain or garbage disposal. Pouring very hot water down the drain once a week can also help to keep your drains from clogging during the winter. 

Inside Pipes

Nobody likes a leaky faucet, but when the weather freezes up, they can be a good thing. Allowing an inside faucet to drip during cold weather spells can keep the pipes from freezing during average cold spikes. 

Outside Faucets

Your outside pipes can break during the winter if it gets too cold. To avoid this, unhook all outside garden hoses and insulate the faucets for cold weather. Insulate the outside pipes using foam or wrap it with an insulating material. 

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Other Pipes

Don’t forget about the pipes that are in your attic or basement. The pipes in these unheated areas can freeze up and break if it gets cold enough. 

So keep those pipes in good working order and follow these tips. Also, if you need one, don’t hesitate to call a plumbing service. Wintertime is hard enough without having to worry about your plumbing. Trusting these maintenance tasks to a plumbing professional might be a good idea.