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Is your tank-style water heater leaking? Does the kitchen faucet drip? Whatever your plumbing services needs may be, Aaron Plumbing has been solving problems and making customers smile since 1985.

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Sump pumps are commonly installed where basement flooding from rain and ground water is probable. If you have a bathroom in your basement, then you probably have a sewage ejector pump. When you hire Aaron Plumbing service professionals to install a pump, expect the quality and durability of a cast iron pump.

Your water service pipe type is one of the following:

  • copper
  • polybutylene
  • pvc
  • polyethylene
  • galvanized

If you have a leak and your pipe is copper, pvc or polyethylene, then you have a perfectly good pipe and may simply need a repair. We recommend replacing polybutylene and galvanized pipes because they are certain to leak again and again, but in a different each time.

If you have a pipe break or any other plumbing emergency, call Aaron Plumbing for immediate response! Whether it be an emergency or just a small drip, expect the highest quality plumbing service in Atlanta from our team.

Polybutylene pipe is a defective pipe that builders frequently installed from the late 1970’s through the 1990’s in the Atlanta area. This pipe was used for water distribution inside the building, and the main water service outside in the yard.

Aaron Plumbing has been repairing and replacing polybutylene for decades! For projects large and small, Aaron Plumbing makes your satisfaction the highest priority. Call us for a free estimate and ask about our trenchless polybutylene replacement service!

If you have a leaking pipe under a concrete slab, Aaron Plumbing has the technology to pinpoint the leak! We use an extremely sensitive listening device that can actually hear the leaking pipe through a slab of concrete. After pinpointing the location of the leak, we can make efficient and effective strides toward fixing the leaking pipe.

Faucets begin to drip when internal parts wear out and deteriorate. The maintenance of proper water pressure on your plumbing system is very important. If the water pressure is unregulated, then your system will experience excessive pressure and the deterioration of internal valve parts is accelerated. Water pressure is important, but wear and tear from use over time is the main cause of a leaky faucet.

dripping faucet

New faucet installs are very popular. Whether you have decided to remodel a bathroom, or you just want to replace an old kitchen faucet with something modern, Aaron Plumbing has experienced technicians ready to serve you.

There are many places where a toilet leak can occur. Our plumbing service technicians are highly trained to accurately diagnose toilet leaks and are well versed in the new low flow fixtures on the market. When you hire Aaron Plumbing, expect to have questions knowledgeably answered and problems solved.

Toilet Repair and Replacement

The most common leak with a toilet is internal, and while there is no evidence of a leak on the floor, you will see it on your water bill. You can also hear it, many people refer to it as a “running” toilet. Just like a faucet, or any valve that is frequently opened or closed, proper water pressure is a very important factor in maximizing the useful life of the valve that controls water flow at the toilet tank.

If you see water on the floor at the toilet, the leak could be at the water supply to the toilet tank, at the base where the drain penetrates the floor, or at the connection of the tank to the bowl. Whether your current toilet leaks or you would like to have a new toilet installed, we provide expert solutions to your plumbing problems!

Because the Atlanta area is suffering a severe drought, plumbing services rebate programs are being established to encourage residents to install low flow fixtures. Please visit for more information and a program application. In Dekalb county, buyers of older properties are required to install new low flow toilets and faucets. New owners who fail to do so will be unable to establish water service in their names.

In Atlanta, low flow fixtures are here to stay. Aaron Plumbing takes pride in being part of the water conservation solution and we look forward to providing you with information on the various low flow fixtures on the market.

You can have hot water on demand! You do not have to wait 20-30 seconds for hot water! The Atlanta area is suffering a severe drought and we know your desire to be conservative with this valuable resource. Hot water recirculation pumps deliver significant water savings and the convenience of instantaneous hot water!

The hot water recirculation system consists of a pump and a loop in the piping system so that hot water can circulate back to the water heater. The typical plumbing system has no loop, but rather dead ends at each plumbing fixture.

Plumbing services: water service repair

There are two primary designs for a recirculation system. The implementation that maximizes energy and convenience has a dedicated return pipe that loops back to the tank-style water heater. The other design utilizes the cold water pipe to loop back to the water heater.

The two most common places for the pump are at the water heater and at the farthest fixture. If your plumbing system has a dedicated return pipe, the pump is usually located at the water heater and is activated by a thermostat or timer. In the case of a recirculation system that uses the cold water pipe to loop back to the water heater, the pump is commonly installed at that farthest fixture and controlled with an on/off button or a timer. For more information, call the professionals at Aaron Plumbing and set up a free estimate!

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