Duct Testing

Don’t Ignore Your Ducts

An investment in a new high efficiency heating and cooling system should save significantly on your utility bills. However, you won't save much if your existing ductwork is in bad shape.
Compared to before, those who ignore their ducts also find:
  • Their home is less comfortable
  • There is more dust and summer humidity
  • Their new system is noisier
To ensure your new equipment saves money and works properly, slow down and become an informed consumer. Have your duct system tested for leakage, correct sizing and correct insulation levels.

“Typical duct systems lose 25 to 40 percent of the heating or cooling energy put out by the central furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner. Duct repairs could be the most important energy improvement measure you can do.”

–US Department of Energy Consumer Report 

A typical poor duct system really drags down the performance of new high efficiency equipment. Many buyers of new equipment have ended up with little or no savings. Don’t let your old ducts keep you from getting the high performance you are paying for!

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